Sep 2, 2022

Automate the top 6 business operations and transform your business

Automate your business operations in the most seamless manner using Miru tools


In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, employees are constantly being pushed to the limit where they end up getting overworked for mundane tasks. 

With the rapid advent of technology and AI, manual labor is slowly becoming redundant. Each day, organizations struggle to manage their workflows. With automated workflows, now employees and business owners can do all of their external tasks like managing payroll, logging in hours, sending and receiving invoices, and so on. 

Benefits of Business Automation

Automating your regular tasks is something that every business owner must adopt to not only save time, but also have complete control over your tasks and streamline them effectively. 

Some of the key benefits that business owners can enjoy by automating their tasks are:

Automation helps grow your business

Business automation software works by streamlining and automating your taks and making it effective for you to work on. Therefore, it allows you to address the more important processes and delegate the rest of the tasks.

Improved customer experience

A robust automation software will minimize the time and effort for organizations and make overall workflow more seamless in the long run and allow them to focus on more important tasks such as operations, marketing, etc. and improve the quality of the products/services of the company.

More effective team management

With the right workflow automation software, HRs and account managers can work more effectively with their teams without being overburdening themselves or being bogged down in mundane tasks such as time login, payroll, invoices exchange, project management, etc.

Reduce Operating Costs

Automating your workflow will help you to minimize operating costs and increase productivity at work. This means that you can utilize employees’ bandwidth on more important tasks,  complete more tasks at one time and achieve better results.

Top 6 Ways an Automation Software can help

With workflow automation software, organizations can track their projects, synchronize the latest changes, manage and track time time, monitor number of hours worked, and many more. Here are 6 ways that you can use these tools to increase your productivity.

Identify overworked and underworked team members 

Make the job of your HR team as easy as ever by tracking team PTOs, their overall working hours, and time distribution across several projects 

Manage company budgets

Identity outstanding payments and poorly-performing projects, and send reminders for pending invoices. Get accurate reports on projects and payments, and identify how profitable they are for your business. 

Send invoices instantly

Create and send accurate invoices to clients for the team's effort, and streamline the payment process by tracking payment status. Also, ensure your freelancers, contractors and employees are paid on time through integrated payment apps. 

Manage Clients 

Get complete visibility into client payments and project profitability without complex calculations, so that your operations team can focus on more important aspects of your business. 

Make data-driven decisions

Empower your business with powerful insights into projects, business costs, team efforts, and clients, so that your operations team can focus on more important things. Make data-driven decisions based on powerful filters and accurate information about your business operations. 

How can we help? 

Miru helps you automate sending invoices, and payment collection, and cuts down the work of HR and accounting teams so that they can focus on more important jobs, rather than chasing invoices. Miru is integrated with popular payment applications such as Stripe to facilitate business transactions - both domestic and international, as smoothly as ever.


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