Sep 2, 2022

How to send invoices to clients: The easiest way to get paid faster

Get paid faster by clients using advanced invoicing software for free


Whether it's a long-term contract with your client or a short-term project, managing and receiving payments always seem like a difficult task. As and when it's time to get paid, organizations need to create professional invoices and email them across. Many small businesses and freelancers often have to deal with late payments, which is why automated invoice software is the need of the hour to get paid faster. 

How to get paid faster by clients?

To avoid conflicts and delays, here are 5 steps to successful billing to get clients to pay their bills by the due date or earlier than that.

Build a solid contract

Crafting a contract with lucid payment terms is the first step toward making sure your payments reach you on time. Your contract should highlight all the crucial details of your work, payments, duration, etc. and each party should consent to the terms of the agreement before the project commences. You need a contract as it legally protects you from any kind of invoice disputes, in the future.

Negotiate Payment terms prior to work

It’s important to have a legible agreement between you and the client that clarifies payment terms, deadlines, late fees, and other crucial information. This makes sure that you and the client are on the same page wrt to the transaction when the invoices are sent, and they fulfill the formalities if there’s any payment outstanding after the payment date. You can highlight these transaction terms on each invoice, under clauses such as “due upon receipt”. 

Request an upfront payment or deposit

This is best suited for long-term projects, but an agreement to pay half the bill right before the project starts and the other half after completion is an indication of good faith and trust, and it also portrays that you aren’t doing anything without remuneration. Such payment tactics will not only help by enhancing cashflow but can also help create an amicable relationship between you and your client.

Be flexible with different payment modes

It's always a good idea to provide more than one payment option to reduce hassles for your clients. The easier it is for them to pay their bill, the less likely it is for you to come across late payment problems. Some clients prefer paying via check, while others prefer online payment modes like credit cards, netbanking and so on. Hence, accepting a wide range of payment modes provides clients every reason to clear your dues on time.

Automate invoices

Sharing invoices via mail can be super time-consuming as clients often overlook them, they need constant follow-ups, and puts organizations into a never-ending loop of late payments. Automating the entire invoicing process through instant and smart invoice software like Miru allows clients to receive invoices faster than ever, saves paper and mail expenses, and ensures that the entire invoicing process is streamlined through automated reminders and alerts. 

As your business grows in size and complexity, monitoring pending payments using automated invoicing software is the best way to safeguard your cash flow and minimize losses. When your invoices are integrated with robust payment apps, it allows clients to leverage more payment options, and the delay in completing payments gets reduced.

Leverage cloud-based invoicing software

Cloud-based invoice tracking solutions like Miru enables organizations to craft, edit, track and send invoices from anywhere around the world instantly to clients. This is best suited for every product/services company where you have a wide range of clients located all over the world or even the country. 

How can we help?

Miru’s invoice management feature is designed for businesses to get paid faster with comprehensive company budgeting and project handling solutions that work hand in hand. With the help of customizable invoice templates, built-in payment processing, instant invoice creation, and automated payment reminders, Miru ensures managing open invoices and getting paid in the simplest form ever. 

Miru is integrated with popular payment applications such as Stripe &PayPal(upcoming) to facilitate business transactions - both domestic and international, as smoothly as ever. 


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