Jul 12, 2022

Make the most of Miru: The best free invoicing and time tracking software

Leverage a modern time-tracking solution like Miru for your business


A robust time-tracking solution is the need of the hour. It is a must-have tool every organization needs to get a complete overview of ongoing projects and employee tasks. The reports derived from time-tracking solutions help project managers plan effective project schedules for their teams.

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate time-tracking software for businesses, companies should consider the following features: 

  • Easy-to-use: Simplicity is king. Especially when your chosen time-tracking solution will be used by multiple team members and even your clients, you cannot compromise on UX. 
  • Flexibility: Any time-tracking tool that you use for your business should support easy integration with other solutions and it should cater to all kinds of users. Whether you are working with freelancers or multiple clients, your time-tracking app should be able to cater to multiple KPIs for detailed insights. 
  • Collaborative: Remember, a time-tracking app is not only built with the sole idea of tracking employee work hours. It is an intuitive platform that should support project management and client collaboration. 

Benefits of Time-Tracking Solutions 

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages that your organization can get with a modern time-tracking tool. From boosting your organization’s overall productivity to improving your employee morale, there’s a lot of potential in choosing the right time management tool.

  • Boost company productivity: Time-Tracking apps help you identify low-profit projects and eliminate them. It provides in-depth reports to measure the overall health of your business. 
  • Real-time analytics: With the help of time-tracking apps, you can monitor employee log in hours real-time, and manage projects and clients through intelligent reports. 
  • Prevent payroll/payment fraud: Time-Tracking apps allow you to create instant invoices and they are integrated with popular and widely accepted payment apps. This is why the risk of any kind of financial abuse gets reduced drastically when you use such apps. 

Now that you have read all the above points and understood the key qualities that your time-tracking app should comprise, its time to choose the optimal solution for your business.

Make the most of Miru: The best free invoicing and time tracking software

With multiple ways to track employee log-in hours, Miru is a one-stop free solution for all businesses worldwide - whether big or small. Not just employee management, it is that software that also streamlines invoice and salary payments. Whether you're in the office or on the go, and whether you prefer windows or mac, Miru Time has you covered. 

Why choose Miru? 

Miru is an open-source platform designed for making business operations easier and cost-effective. So, without much ado, let’s discuss some of its greatest and most advanced features: 

Project Management: Track efforts and project progress in real-time, and compare estimated hours to hours worked on projects by your team members.

Easy Invoicing: Mark employees/contractors as billable and monitor time against them for easy and effective invoicing.

Seamless Integration: Automate time entry for quick payroll and invoicing. Sync your favorite payroll and accounting software - PayPal and Wise for faster payments. 

Powerful Reports: Analyze the profitability of your ongoing projects and overall business with in-depth and insightful intelligent reporting. 

FAQs about time-tracking in organizations 

Can I send invoices to clients using Miru? 

Yes, Miru is integrated with widely-accepted payment apps like PayPal and Stripe to allow instant payments. Our in-built invoicing feature allows users to create and send invoices instantly. Once the payment is done, the invoice will be marked as “paid” 

How much does Miru cost? 

Miru is an open-source platform designed for business owners, developers, and freelancers. It is absolutely free to use. 

Does Miru work on macOS? 

Yes, Miru works seamlessly on both Windows and macOS. We are currently working to make it accessible on android as well. 


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