Sep 15, 2022

Miru Version 3 Release

A roundup of all the newest features launched in Miru in 2022.


Miru is constantly getting updated and improvised to cater to your business requirements even better. And with new features being released every month, our application aims to help you scale your business in the most efficient way possible. A roundup of all the newest features released in V3 is listed here for your reference. Check back in every month for regular updates- 

Identifying and computing overdue amounts

Several invoices still not cleared by clients? Now, you can view all the uncleared dues, calculate the overdue and analyze your business profits. You can also send the final invoices to your clients and expect a final payment. 

Edit line items within invoices

Is there something you missed while creating invoices for your clients? You can now seamlessly edit your invoices, add or delete items and ensure faster processing of payments. 

View and monitor reports 

The Miru admin from your organization can now view “revenue by client” under Reports. This feature will allow you to track and analyze total and individual revenues earned from clients. You can also filter “revenue by client” as per date range and client name for greater clarity. 

Add Manual Payment entries 

Earlier, Miru only declared overdues as “Paid” if it was cleared through Stripe or other integrated apps. Now, businesses can add manual payment statuses, i.e. paid or unpaid, for amounts received through some external mode.

Improved Team Member invite feature 

Miru now allows you to invite your team members onboard even more seamlessly than before. Our team has moved the pages from ERB forms to React for greater efficacy and consistency. All the previous reported bugs wrt team member invitation has now been resolved. 

Other Modifications 

We have moved the header from top to left side for UI improvement. Other than that, bugs within invoices, time entry reports and adding/removing team members, has been also fixed. 


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