Apr 27, 2022

Track Your Team’s Time & Raise Client Invoice Instantly

A brief about Miru - the product & it's features


Miru is designed to make time tracking, invoice management, and accounting easy for small businesses worldwide. It is a platform for organizations to help them streamline their workflow. 

Definitely, there are other software catering to similar needs like that of Miru. So, what makes us unique? Miru was engineered to help our team members log their daily efforts easily and efficiently. Not only that, tracking time on excel isn’t the best way to go about in modern organizations with diverse projects. It only makes things complex and redundant, this is why we needed a robust technology that could bring together every internal task on one plate. 

In the future, it will also allow the admin team to manage the team’s details including tracking their leave balances , documentation and Salary payments. It will also be used to make payments to the company’s vendors. Thus, making it a one stop platform for all administrative related work. 

The idea behind developing Miru was of our own team members who wanted to develop their own application catering to the needs of tracking time and payments. However, as we realized that this software has more potential than just catering to our in-house team, we decided to market it to help other businesses leverage its simple yet powerful interface for streamlining their internal operations. 

Here’s what you can expect - 

  • Time Tracking: Help your team in logging hours and invoice them automatically without hassle 
  • Simple Invoices: Create professional invoices within seconds to send across to clients 
  • Easy Payment: Accept client payments against the invoices within the speed of thought and never chase checks again. 
  • Reports & Dashboards: Reports and Dashboards to provide you with quick insights into the overall performance of your business. 

This application was developed by our team of apprentices under the guidance of senior developers who took out additional time apart from their client work. As the apprentices are learning, there are a few features which you might find as work in progress. We are releasing Miru as an open-source application which can be further improved by developers across the world.


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